My minimum price for tattoos is €70. For larger pieces, once you’ve sent on your idea, reference pictures, a photo of the area on your body and the rough size, I can give you a rough estimate of the price.

You can either call into the shop, or contact me through this website.

Please ensure you provide the following for both in-person and email consultations:

  • Pictures of reference found online similar to that of your idea.
  • Pictures of any alternative objects you wish to include in your tattoo.
  • If you have designed your own tattoo, include your sketch for reference.
  • You will need to tell me the approximate size you envision for your tattoo, it’s preferred location and whether you want black and grey or with colour.
  • You will also need to include a short description of your tattoo in writing.

We´ll discuss and find the best outcome in order to confirm your consultation!

There are numerous ways to book your appointment:

  • You can contact me through this website.
  • You can call into the Chasing Ghosts shop and have a chat with me.

Once you get in touch, I will personally guide you through the steps.

Unfortunately showing clients their design before an appointment, just isn’t practical and will be shown the day of. I always make sure there is time at the beginning of all appointments to make any alterations or adjustments to the design to make sure it fits what it is you’re looking for in your tattoo.

The option to get a cover up depends on the existing tattoo and your openness to a design that can cover it. Unfortunately in a cover up, depending on it’s size, darkness, etc. you can be limited in what will sufficiently cover your existing piece. For more information, please get in touch.

Whilst there is no law in Ireland, the minimum age for a tattoo is 18. However with an accompanying parent or guardians consent, 17 year olds are also permitted to get a tattoo. They must be physically present to do so before the tattoo but do not need to stay for the process.

  • In the weeks leading up to your appointment please ensure you drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated.
  • At least two weeks prior to your appointment begin to moisturise your skin daily. Remember – the better the condition of your skin, the better the result of your tattoo!
  • I recommend ensuring you have a full day booked off work as your tattoo can take as long as the artist requires, to ensure the final result is perfect.
  • It is recommended to wear loose and comfortable clothing as sometimes you could be seated for long periods of time which you may find uncomfortable. It also makes my work that little bit more difficult if your clothes are restrictive.
  • If you are booked for a full session, come prepared for small breaks for food.
  • Do not come to your tattoo session drunk or hungover. You should be well rested and in a fit position to undertake the session.
  • I recommend to take extra care of personal hygiene prior to attending your session.

I can accommodate walk ins, depending on my availability. Coming to the shop in person will not always guarantee you a space, but depending on the size and composition, I may be able to fit you in that evening if I have the time. All the same, I recommend contacting me via this website to avoid disappointment.

The amount of pain will depend on a number of things, size, area, style and so on. Plus every person has a different pain threshold, but as someone who is heavily tattooed, it’s always worth it, and there for life, so I wouldn’t let it stop you.

I will not tattoo you if you know you’re pregnant as it runs risks. It’s worth waiting until after in my opinion.

Chasing Ghosts is located in the centre of Cork city’s Victorian Quarter, just at the end of Cork’s Main Street. The address is 28 MacCurtain street. T23 CX7K

Unfortunately I’m unable to give you an exact price, as there are many things that affect it. After you send on an enquiry, i can give you a rough estimate. Remember, cheap tattoos aren’t good and good tattoos aren’t cheap. My prices are reasonable according to Irish standards and the quality of my work speaks for itself.

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